Upgrade DotNetNuke (DNN) to new version



In this article we shall discuss how to upgrade DNN from version 07.04.00 to DNN is a content management system and developed using ASP.NET framework. It is a open source CMS and over 750,000 organizations worldwide have built websites powered by DNN Platform.

Before start this article I guess you have the following setup in your local computer:

  1. DNN 7.4 in installed in your local computer.
  2. DNN is running at url dnndev.me in local IIS.

The following image shows the current version’s IIS setup

The site showing in browser shows below.

Steps for DNN upgradetion:

  1. First of all take a backup of currently installed DNN files. For me installed files location is D:\DNN CMS\DNN 07.04.00 IIS\DNN_Platform_07.04.00.
  2. Take a database backup of currently installed DNN version.
  3. Download the upgrade version’s zip file from the following link.
    https://github.com/dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform/releases. For our purpose we need to download DNN_Platform_8.0.4.226_Upgrade.zip file.
  4. Now unzip the downloaded zip file. The following image shows the unzip files.
  5. Now copy all the unzip files and paste it into the folder where old DNN is installed. For me it is D:\DNN CMS\DNN 07.04.00 IIS\DNN_Platform_07.04.00 and replace all the existing files. The following image shows it.
  6. Now browse the URL http://dnndev.me. It will take you to the upgrade wizard page. Here is the upgrade wizard.
  7. Now login using admin user name and password and click on the Upgrade Now button.
  8. It will update the database and update the extensions. The following image shows it. Now click on the Visit Website button.
  9. If upgradetion is successful then it will take you to the existing site. Login as admin and from Menu go to Host -> Host Setting. Now you can see the upgrade version. Following image shows it.


This is all about the DNN upgradation. This way you can upgrade current installed DNN to any DNN new version. During upgradation everyone should keep in mind, backup should be taken both for files and database, so that for any inconsistency you can back to the old version and try again.