Openspan RPA/RDA Tool At a glance



RPA/RDA is gaining popularity in BPO,Call Center,Banking and Insurance industry. More focus is now on improving Call Processing Agent Productivity and improving throughput time for resolving Customer Requests and Queries from the Back Office.

Openspan as  RPA/RDA Tool

  • Improved Call Center Agent Productivvity
  • Improved Back Office Productivity
  • 360 Degree view of Customer on the fly
  • Cross enterprise applicability
  • Reduced Customer Call Processing Time
  • Rapid Integration between Application without actually modifying Application Source Code & working at the Screen Level and as well as Extedning Application Functionality
  • Reduced Development Life Cycle 

Openspan Solution Building Blocks

OpenSpan Studio is for Developers

OpenSpan Studio provides a Rapid visual development environment that allows to create Automation solutions which enable end-users to complete tasks effectively and efficiently.

The OpenSpan Studio provides adapters for integrating  applications without modifying the underlying application’s Source Code.You can interrogate Screens/Controls and then use the properties, methods and events of the controls that are exposed tobuild automation.

IDE is similar to Microsoft Visual Studio and Artifacts like

  • Solutions and Projects
  • Application Adapters,Screens and Controls
  • Automations and Components
  • Global Containers,Scripts
  • Properties, Methods and Events

IDE of OpenSpan Studio

  • Tool Box
  • Object Explorer
  • Navigator
  • Properties Window
  • Solution Explorer
  • Automation Canvas

Adapters,Screens and Controls
An Application Adapter is a OpenSpan project item is nothing but a window, web, or Console based Application. Note that the Web adapter is designed to work with almost all the browsers availble in the Market.

When an application screen/element is interrogated in OpenSpan Studio, a refernce of that element is created. That reference is known as a screen/control in OpenSpan. Controls those are interrogated are displayed in the OpenSpan Studio Object Explorer in a hierarchial Tree View Manner in the Object Explorer.Object Explorer exposes the properties, methods and events of that application controls.Medthods,Properties and events can be dragged from Object Explorer onto Automation Canvas in a specified sequence to build the Automation.

Typical interrogatin Process below mentioned

Automatons and Components

Core Executable logic is created within OpenSpan Studio using application controls, OpenSpan components, and .NET controls. An OpenSpan project may consist of many automations.OpenSpan Solution can alsocontains custom .net components written in c# besides standard Openspan Components. Yellow line is called as Execution Flow Connector and Blue Line indicated below is Data Connector



Global Containers

The Global Container project item acts as  globally shared and variables,Components stored in that are global to all the Automation Files. Any c# script or .Net Custom Componet Class can be placed in Global Container and all the automations can use these scripts and components.

Properties ,Methods and Events

OpenSpan Object Explorer on the left shown in the diagram enables you to access properties, methods and events of interrogated Controls.

Property – An attribute of an interrogated control, .NET control or OpenSpan component. Depending on the control/component, some properties can only be read (not set or written).

Method – An action that can be performed on an interrogated control, .NET control or OpenSpan component. Some methods require input parameters. Methods return a result however in some cases the result has no value (i.e., Void or Null).

Event – An action that occurs as the result of user interactions such as the Click event which occurs when user clicks the  Button. Events also occur as the result of Control clicks occured in the Undelining Applications.

Building and Deploying OpenSpan Projects

Upon Deploying  the Solution from the Project Solution Exploer, Openspan Studio generates two output files, .Manifest and .Openspan files in the Target Deployment Folder

Deployment Output

OpenSpan RunTime

Openspan Runtime Agent is responsible for execution of Openspan Automation code that is build using Openspan Studio.

Openspan Runtime Agent installed on the local machine and upon launching it is shown in the System tray.From the system tray , right click on Openspan Runtime icon and user can   load a local Project or Any solution mapped to User Proffile is automatically picked up by Openspan Runtime Agent from the Openspan Cloud Web Server. By default Openspan Solution rom the cloud is downloaded to User App Data and Openspan Runtime Agent executes the downloaded solution  from the User App Data.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Dignostic support aids the developers to debug and trouble shoot the solutions post deployment on the User Machines. OpenSpan Runtime comes with Runtime.Config.xml has several usefful settings like ‘Publisher Mode” which can be set=”on” enables Openspan runtime to write numerous log files which are useful to troubleshoot and identfy root causes for the issues/chalenges that users are facing on Production Machines.

Points of Interest

Many tools are now available in the market place like  “Blue Prism”,”UIPath”, “Automation Anywhere”. These tools have many out of box components. RPA Deveopment is furrther simplified now.